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Meet Our Pet Family

These pets are an extension of the family and bring a little extra happiness to our lives. Life would not be the same without a little extra fur and cuddles. Get to know our pets and see which pet belongs to which team member. 



Mike Smallegan

Stella is a golden-doodle who loves to play with everyone. Still a puppy at heart, she is happy playing in the snow or rolling around in the grass. She loves her older twin sisters and two brothers. Happy to be around people and play with her toys, sometimes she likes to dig a hole in the back yard...oops. 



meagan mitchell

Bella is a golden retriever that is super happy and playful and LOVES people!



meagan mitchell

Lucy lives with two dogs, likes to attack feet and bite stuff.



meagan mitchell

This grinning American Husky is Bear, who is spunky and loves nothing more than chasing squirrels!



Taryn slaughter

Drake is a golden retriever who loves to play fetch. His favorite toy is his stuffed hedgehog Frank. If you want a dog to cuddle he is the perfect dog, as long as you rub his belly. He is favorite person is anyone who will let him.  Don't be shy when he comes around because he is sure to be wagging his tail with excitement. 



megan lynch-Kornoelje

Don't let her small size fool you, Moxie has a large vocabulary. She knows all her favorite people and toys by name. Also known as Moxie Moo Monster Moto, she loves her frisbee and her lovie dovie rubbies from mom and dad. 





Ellie Mae is a spunky rat terrier who just turned 10, but you'd think she's still a puppy. She enjoys walks, sticks, and pulling the stuffing out of plush toys. She loves people and treats!



 stephanie de shane

Cosmo is a rottweiler with a lovable personality. Don't let his big size fool you, he is spunky and full of energy. His favorite things to do are play with his toys and wear the bow ties Grandma makes him. Cosmos loves peanut butter and has decided it is his favorite human food!




There are pets with original names, and then there is Kitty, a longhair tortoise-shell rescued from a shelter in Hawaii in 2004. She is 12 years old, and just as friendly and mischievous as the day she was adopted. Her personality is outgoing and talkative, although she thinks she runs the place. Some days, she is right…



erik langerak

Named after the mystery racing driver from the show Top Gear, meet Stig - a shorthaired miniature tiger (not officially, but he looks like it) discovered in 2005 hiding under a boardwalk in Hawaii. He was adopted as a companion and partner in frequent crime for Kitty, enjoys going comatose in bright sunshine, and ensuring the carpet is never a completely safe place to walk.