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Mike Smallegan is a real estate agent with a great knowledge of Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Growing up in the Grand Rapids area has given Mike an excellent knowledge of all the best amenities this great city has to offer. Whether you are are looking on the north, west, south, or east Mike can help you find the home that best suits your needs. Mike understands that buying and selling a home is both a personal and emotional experience which is why you need to rely on someone who is experienced and knowledgeable. Trusting such an important life investment to someone who is well versed in the Grand Rapids area can make this next chapter in life a little more relaxing. Throughout Mike's real estate career he has helped many people buy and sell their home all over Grand Rapids and in a few other areas too. With a caring personality, Mike is well-suited to assist you through your journey of buying or selling your home leaving you with a lasting memorable experience. 

Mike has experience with numerous types of real estate throughout all 32 neighborhoods in the Grand Rapids area. From luxury Heritage Hill mansions to popular downtown condos and even quaint cottages on the shores of Lake Michigan, he understands how to interpret your desires and find the right home for you. Having a real estate agent who you can trust to find you the right home comes from working with someone who has experience with all types of homes or condos. Not only does he have personal experience with helping people find their dream home, he has also been on the other side of a transaction when he purchased his own family home. Being on both sides of a transaction helps Mike to understand what it feels like to be the buyer in such an important transaction. 

In addition to owning a family home, Mike also owns several rental properties throughout the Grand Rapids area. Owning investment properties also gives Mike an advantage when helping people find the right home for rental purposes. Knowing the best places to rent where you will get the most out of your investment is helpful and knowledge that not everyone is equipt with. Whether you are looking for a single family investment property or a property that has multiple units, you can rely on Mike to give you information from an investors view. Having this extra knowledge has created a successful string of happy investor clients that are benefiting from their choice to invest in Grand Rapids. 

When Mike is not hard at work, he enjoys spending time with his family. Together Mike and his wife Hannah have four beautiful children, two boys and twin girls. The family would not be complete without their lovable golden-doodle Stella. You can often find the family enjoying their boat out on the water or relaxing in Mackinac City. If Mike isn't working or boating with his family, Mike enjoys hobbies like watching college football, playing a couple hands of poker, or going out for a round of golf.

Born and raised in East Grand Rapids, Megan ventured over the state line for college and attended St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN. She graduated with a degree in developmental psychology before turning her eye west to Boulder, CO., where she worked in special education classrooms concentrating in autism. Megan moved back to Grand Rapids in 2010, and began work in her family’s business, Lynch Sales Co. She believes that Grand Rapids is an ideal area for it’s friendly people and picture-perfect settings. Megan now lives in Ada with her husband, Casey, who works in banking; and their dog, Moxie.


Megan also dedicates much of her time to charity, and serves on the board of two organizations; the “Grandettes” a Mercy Health sponsored organization dedicated to connecting young women through health, as well as the state board of the CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America). Additionally, Megan acts as a chair on the Spectrum Health Advisory Committee.


In her spare time, Megan and her husband own and operate “Jacob’s Acres”, an environmentally verified farm in Greenville, where they grow a multitude of veggies and flowers. With all the time Megan devotes to helping great causes, helping at the family farm, and real estate you can also add the title Mom to her list. Marie is the light of Megan's life along with her loveable pup Moxie!

Born and raised in the Greater Grand Rapids area gives Stephanie the knowledge needed to find you the perfect home. Named one of the best cities in the country has turned Grand Rapids into a BOOMING place for people to live. Having a realtor that knows the area will come in handy when you are in a competitive situation. Whether you want to be downtown in the city, in the Rockford area, or out in Lowell Stephanie can teach you about all the best parts of the area. 


Not only does Stephanie spend her time helping people buy and sell their dream home but also loves to do volunteer work. Stephanie has helped build local parks in Grand Rapids through Amway but has some other great places to help out. One of Stephanie's favorite places to volunteer is Young Professionals For A Cure at the American Cancer Society. In addition to the volunteer work, she helps out around the family-owned radio station. The Sight Seer Radio Reading Services has been in Stephanie's family for a long period of time and continues to be important to their dynamic.


When Stephanie is not volunteering or working in real estate, you can often find her spending time with her three siblings and seven nieces and nephews. Despite the busy life that Stephanie leads, it is not uncommon to find her spending time outdoors during the summer months. During the cooler months of the year, Stephanie's two favorite hobbies are spending time crafting or shopping!

Richard is a native of Denver, CO, but has lived in Grand Rapids since 2002 when he moved to Michigan to attend college. Prior to working with the Smallegan Real Estate Team, Richard held a variety of customer service positions and spent 6 years working in higher education, helping college students learn, grow and develop. Richard is passionate about helping people transition into and out of homes in a way that is helpful for all parties involved. He believes that the best deals happen when everyone walks away with a good feeling and with all objectives met.

Richard is an attentive listener and makes sure he and any team member working alongside him have a firm understanding of clients’ perspectives. He makes prompt and professional follow up with his clients a regular occurrence, says exactly what he means and honors the commitments he makes, both professionally and in his personal life.

Richard studied literature in college and believes fiction plays a vital role in helping us understand our peers, connect with ourselves and develop greater empathy for those around us with differing opinions, lifestyles or beliefs.

Richard and his wife have four children who enjoy time spent outdoors connecting with nature and playing in their large garden.

Jay Kilgo joins the Smallegan Real Estate team with a wealth of knowledge and a variety of previous work experience. With over 18 years of sales and management experience, Jay personifies professionalism, sincerity and hard work. Jay enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering at his church, New Life Christian Center. In addition to spending time with his family, Jay also volunteers with the Hope Project, Griffins Youth Foundation, local food pantries and more—wherever there’s a cause needing someone like him to dedicate their time.

Jay grew up in Grand Rapids and attended Creston High School, before moving to the east coast to finish high school and attend college. Jay studied computer science at Lincoln Tech University.  Over the last several years, Jay has been a finance manager in the automotive sector, helping to build up several dealerships in West Michigan.

Jay has a passion for sports, especially college and professional baseball, basketball, and football. He’s known around the office to start good sports conversations and a single consultation could probably help you notch a few places higher in your fantasy sports standings. Outside of sports, Jay enjoys his movies. He is a quite the cinema buff and won’t turn down the opportunity to see good film. 

Going the extra mile for clients comes easy and habitually to Jay. He has a passion for nurturing those alongside him and being a mentor, which he hopes to bring to each one of his client relationships. From city to lake shore, Jay is committed to helping people find a place to call home all across the West Michigan region.