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Jay Kilgo


Jay Kilgo joins the Smallegan Real Estate team with a wealth of knowledge and a variety of previous work experience. With over 18 years of sales and management experience, Jay personifies professionalism, sincerity and hard work. Jay enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering at his church, New Life Christian Center. In addition to spending time with his family, Jay also volunteers with the Hope Project, Griffins Youth Foundation, local food pantries and more—wherever there’s a cause needing someone like him to dedicate their time.

Jay grew up in Grand Rapids and attended Creston High School, before moving to the east coast to finish high school and attend college. Jay studied computer science at Lincoln Tech University.  Over the last several years, Jay has been a finance manager in the automotive sector, helping to build up several dealerships in West Michigan.

Jay has a passion for sports, especially college and professional baseball, basketball, and football. He’s known around the office to start good sports conversations and a single consultation could probably help you notch a few places higher in your fantasy sports standings. Outside of sports, Jay enjoys his movies. He is a quite the cinema buff and won’t turn down the opportunity to see good film. 

Going the extra mile for clients comes easy and habitually to Jay. He has a passion for nurturing those alongside him and being a mentor, which he hopes to bring to each one of his client relationships. From city to lake shore, Jay is committed to helping people find a place to call home all across the West Michigan region.

Muskegon, MI
Norton Shores
Norton Shores, MI
North Muskegon
North Muskegon, MI
Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Haven
Grand Haven, MI
Spring Lake
Spring Lake, MI
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