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Cherry Run

One of the newest and smallest neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, Michigan is the Cherry Run neighborhood which is home to around 500 people. Named after Cherry Run Drive which runs through the heart of the neighborhood, this is a quaint and welcoming community. Originally part of the West Side Connection neighborhood, this small area separated and established their own neighborhood association in 2004. The neighborhood association was established to preserve and protect the land and homes in the area. A unique feature about this neighborhood are the lots that people live on are used to define the neighborhood rather than street names or historic landmarks used to designate the boundaries.

Bordering the neighborhood to the south and west, the Blandford Nature Center has been part of Grand Rapids since the 1950’s when it was first established. Covering over 264 acres of preserved land, this nature center offers a number of amenities to visitors. There is a working farm, the Blandford School, and several trails through some of the only preserved nature areas in Grand Rapids—including 2.2 miles of trails on the former Highlands Golf Course. Homes on the outer edges of Acadia Drive have these pristine and preserved lands right in their backyard.


Since Cherry Run is such a small neighborhood, the majority of the space available is taken up by the homes that residents live in. There are several nearby schools that come highly recommended by not only the parents of students who attend but are also highly rated in academics. C.A. Frost Science Academy is part of the Grand Rapids Public School District and offers students the opportunity to participate in science-related academics. Any students that attend this schools are taught through in-class participation, hands-on field work, and first-hand experience which helps them learn.

Another local school near the Cherry Run neighborhood is West Catholic High School which was established in 1962. Known for great academics, parents and past students who have attended this school highly recommend it to future students. In addition to their praised academics, they offer a wide variety of sports for students to participate in. Many of these sports team have been very successful over the years and these teams encourage students to work together in a team environment.

Though the community is bordered by the Blandford Nature Center, there is a great park just down the street from the community. Richmond Park is a 57-acre park that offers various year round amenities. There is a seasonal swimming pool for the warm months and cross country skiing for outdoor winter fun. One of the uncommon amenities you can take advantage of in this park are the trails that have been set up for the use of mountain bikes.

A seasonal amenity near the Cherry Run neighborhood is The Haunt which opens during the months surrounding Halloween. Enter if you dare into this haunted house that has been scaring people for over 15 years. With a new theme every year, this haunted house is sure to make you jump at unexpected surprises.