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The historic nature of the Creston neighborhood dates back 150 years ago, but still holds true to the Dutch, Irish, German, and Polish immigrants who established the area. Standing true to the immigrant heritage of those who established the area, Irish music can often be found in restaurants and pubs accompanied by a vibrant nightlife. One of the best places to find the Irish music and vibrant nightlife is Irish Pub, Quinn and Tuites. Formally known as the Breadbasket of Grand Rapids, Creston has much more to offer than just the dedication to its founding roots.

Creston provides excellent outdoor living for nature enthusiasts with eight parks and numerous trails for walking, running, or biking. Several of these trails are state-wide and cross the iconic Grand River that flows through Grand Rapids. Riverside Park, the largest park in Grand Rapids park system resides in the Creston neighborhood. The 180-acre park is home to a variety of wildlife, a disc golf course, baseball diamonds, and is often the site for festivals and events.

Not only is there great outdoor living and bustling nightlife, Creston is home to a growing business district and provides inner-city school programs to offer their students. Ranked as one of the top schools in Michigan, some of these inner-city programs are offered at City High-Middle School. This neighborhood is home to a diverse group of people who get to enjoy the great amenities Creston has to offer.

Graydon’s Crossing is a local restaurant that provides a pub-style dining experience with local beers and classic style American cuisine made with locally grown ingredients. American cuisine can also be found at the family owned and operated Choo Choo Grill, known for their big juicy cheeseburgers, delicious onion rings, and yummy malts.

The newest addition to the neighborhood is the Creston Brewery with a variety of flavorful craft beers to match anyone’s taste buds. Small plates and appetizers are available to complement their variety of craft beers. Also new to the area, Little Lucy’s Cafe provides a healthy and unique flavor to breakfast and lunch. In addition to their breakfast and lunch menu, there is a variety of baked goods to nibble on.

Continuing the use of locally made ingredients, Frosty Boy carries ice cream made in Michigan from nearby places like Hudsonville. For a new take on ice cream, Frosty Boy features an exquisite lemon soft serve. Another long time local favorite, Fat Boy has been around for decades serving the people of Creston. Featuring classic American cuisine, from homemade breakfast sausage to pizza, soup, and sandwiches, the flavor pallet of the whole group is sure to be accommodated.

With all the biking trails available in the Creston area, maintaining your bike is almost a necessity. Central District Cyclery is a local business that can keep your biking equipment in great working order.

Keeping with the local theme, Extra Credit Projects is a local advertising and design firm that can help take your business to the next level. As a small local business, they offer a hands-on and down to Earth experience with a work ethic that is unbeatable. Continuing the local business trend, the Culver Group offers CPA and business advisors that can help to with your personal and business needs.

For a fun new place to shop for unique items and gourmet products, Kingma’s Market is the best Creston location to find these items. Fresh fruits and vegetables, gourmet cheeses, wine, beer, and their own butcher shop, Kingma’s Market features a variety of local goods to take home. During the summer months, Kingma’s has a garden center with plenty of flowers and gardening tools to keep the exterior of your home looking immaculate.

Buying a home in the neighborhood? Support a local business and use your local title company to take care of all your paperwork needs and questions. Sun Title is one of the fastest growing title companies in the Grand Rapids area.