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Garfield Park

Being one of the larger neighborhoods in the city of Grand Rapids, Garfield Park is home to more than 15,000 people and holds more the 4,500 homes. The Garfield Park Neighborhood Association has made it their mission to continue the advancement of this diverse neighborhood by improving safety and bringing residents together. By bringing people together, they have started establishing a community garden and hope to make this a welcoming space for both residents and nearby neighborhoods to join.

Not only is Garfield Park home to a proactive neighborhood association, but it is also home to some great schools for children to attend. Hope Academy of West Michigan is a charter school that accepts students starting in pre-school through 12th grade. This school focuses on providing excellent academics along with giving students necessities they need to succeed in their future endeavors.

Also teaching students from pre-school through 12th grade, Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts and Technology is another great school for students to attend. Not only do they focus on a high-performance curriculum, they also integrate the study of arts and technology into their teaching. By incorporating arts and technology into their studies, their students are able to excel while preparing to attend a college or university.


Also in the neighborhood are a number of parks for residents to take advantage of. Garfield Park is one of the largest of the parks in the neighborhood and is packed full of fun things to do outside. A playground, wading pool, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and beach volleyball. Be sure to enjoy the undeveloped nature center that is also part of the park!

Another large park in the neighborhood is Plaster Creek Family Park where you can also find Plaster Creek which runs through many Grand Rapids neighborhoods. The Native American term for Plaster Creek is Ken-O-Sha which means “water of the wall-eyed pike” and gives a great history to the name of this creek. The size of this park allows it to offer amenities like a baseball diamond, a playground, and picnic tables for residents to use.

The two smaller parks in the Garfield Park neighborhood are Dickinson Buffer Park and South Field. Each of these parks is small but still provide a great outdoor area for residents to enjoy a natural setting. Dickinson Buffer Park is classified as a mini-park in the Garfield Park neighborhood which means it less than one-acre in size.


One of the best places to find a yummy breakfast in the neighborhood is Real Food Cafe located on the east side of the neighborhood. This locally owned and operated restaurant features delicious food made with quality and fresh ingredients in a welcoming atmosphere. Keep an eye out for their daily specials and not only do they have delicious breakfast food but their lunch is just as good!

JB’s Pizza Parlor also located near Real Food Cafe is a family owned restaurant established in 1998 by five daughters and their parents. In hopes of bringing gourmet pizza to the neighborhood, they offer more than just great pizza. They offer subs and salads along with their pizza, which can all be delivered or you can dine in. Check out their website for coupons before you order, you might be able to save a few bucks on your order.