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Midtown is a magnificent area of Grand Rapids to find many fun things to do. One of the best things to do is stop by the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Established in 1922, the Fulton Street Farmers Market is not only the longest-running market but also the largest in the city of Grand Rapids. For unique food options and a variety of vendors, be sure to stop by the farmers market.

You can also find Houseman Field in the neighborhood of Midtown. A number of local high schools use Houseman Field as their sports stadium. In addition, the Aquinas Saints use Houseman Field as their track and field location. The Grand Rapids FC call Houseman Field their home field. Established in 2014 and part of the American Soccer club, the Grand Rapids FC plays in the National Premier Soccer League.

Another great sports facility that can be found in Midtown is the Michigan Volleyball Academy. This academy was founded to encourage young and teenage girls to excel in the sport of volleyball. The coaches of Michigan Volleyball Academy focus on individual training and building a team atmosphere so the girls can work together.

The most historical landmark of the Midtown neighborhood is the Fulton Street Cemetery, founded in 1838. As the oldest public cemetery in the Grand Rapids area, this particular cemetery is almost 12 1/2 acres. Residing in this cemetery is the oldest headstone in all of Grand Rapids which belongs to a gentleman named Andrew Haldane. In addition to the oldest headstone in Grand Rapids, John Ball along with numerous Civil War veterans all have headstones in this historical cemetery.


The best places for coffee and a bite to eat

Two of the best places to eat in the Midtown neighborhood are owned by the same company, Grand Coney and the Omelette Shoppe. Grand Coney is a diner that serves American style food with customized hot dogs and comfort food. The Omelette Shoppe features a variety of different types of omelettes and freshly baked treats made daily from the bakery.

If you are in the mood for new exotic flavors or even a long time patron, check out the Curry Kitchen in Midtown. Open 7 days a week, this restaurant features a delicious array of new flavors and spices to try. Check out their lunch buffet or stop in for dinner to try something new.

For a relaxing atmosphere be sure to stop in at the Lyon Street Cafe for a cup of pour-over brew from MadCap Coffee. In addition to their MadCap coffee, they serve espresso drinks and delicious baked goods from the Nantucket Baking Company. While you are in the area, stop into Martha’s Vineyard to check out their great wine selection, deli, and fresh produce. They also have a great selection of specialty cheeses, cigars, and craft beer. If you are looking for something different to bring home, Martha’s Vineyard is the place to go.


The luxuries the Midtown can provide

There is no lack of night time entertainment in the Midtown neighborhood. With a wide variety of local bars and sports lounges, there is always something to do. Watch your favorite sports game at Bob’s Sports Bar or head across the street for a game of pool at Farah’s. All of the bars in Midtown provide a different atmosphere to mingle with new people, catch up with old friends, or enjoy a meal.

One of the more recent additions to the Midtown neighborhood is the Women’s Health Center of West Michigan. This health center is affiliated with Spectrum Health and focuses on the health and well-being of women. The facility offers free parking to its patients and offers many different services to accommodate all patients.