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Ottawa Hills

The Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Association was founded to help keep the residents of the neighborhood informed about things that are happening in the area. Since the neighborhood is full of architectural beauty and historical homes, the association was also founded to preserve these immaculate homes. Residing on the southeast side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ottawa Hills was founded in 1922 when the first home was built. Development of the homes in this area continued through the 1950’s, creating the magnificent homes that can still be seen today.

Take a walk or drive down the curvy and winding roads in Ottawa Hills to get a first-hand experience of how amazing this neighborhood has been preserved. The residents of this neighborhood take great pride in their historic homes and it can be seen as you meander through the streets. An informational newsletter is also sent out by the association to update residents on programs what will be taking place, tips for home maintenance and any construction happening.


Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School is the most highly ranked school in the Ottawa Hills neighborhood. With a 10 out of 10 great school rating and 5 out of 5-stars community rating, this elementary school is popular among residents in the neighborhood. The school has put tremendous effort into preserving the natural setting of their campus and has created an amphitheater for students and numerous footpaths to allow residents to continue walking around the neighborhood. Pontiac Field was also created by the school to give both students and the general public access to a track, soccer field, and playground.


Ottawa Hills may be a small neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan but there are many great things about the area. One of the best places to spend some time is the Grand Rapids Public Library Ottawa Hills Branch. The library holds many events that are for both adults and children, along with providing a safe and fun place for people to spend time.

Every August, there is an ice cream social held at Pontiac Field for residents to mingle with one another and enjoy the neighborhood they live in. In addition to ice cream, there are fun activities for all ages to participate in like neighborhood trivia and face painting.

The Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Association publishes a list of activities that take place in the neighborhood and even holds the longest running parade in Michigan. The Hollyhock Lane Parade happens on the Fourth of July every year and began in 1934 as a bike parade. Other great yearly activities include an Easter Egg Hunt, Ice Cream Social, and Garden Tour. Each year the Garden Tour is held on the first Saturday of June where many residents open up their gardens for people to enjoy. The Easter Bunny comes to town once a year to leave Easter Eggs throughout the playground of Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School for children to find.