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South East Community (SECA)


Home to more than 5,000 people in the Grand Rapids area, the South East Community Association (SECA) is located southeast of bustling downtown. This large community is home to a diverse group of people that are from all walks of life. Within close proximity to downtown Grand Rapids, it is easy to make a quick trip into the Heartside neighborhood to enjoy the nightlife or events that are happening.

Located in the South East Community Association neighborhood is the Great Lakes EMS Academy used to train EMS, teach CPR, and provided wilderness training. EMS training is designed to teach people the appropriate information to become a licensed EMT or Paramedic. If you are interested in being certified in giving CPR, the CPR training class will give you the knowledge needed to be considered certified. By taking the wilderness training class, you will be prepared for emergencies that can happen while you are out camping or hiking in the woods.

The Madison Square Branch, a branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library is also part of the South East Community Association neighborhood. This branch is used by many nearby neighborhoods and brings people from other communities to enjoy a good book. When you think of a library you think about borrowing a good book for a few days and then returning it. There are many other great amenities that this library has to offer residents of Grand Rapids. Throughout the year there are a number of programs and events that are hosted at the library for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you have children or want to attend an event yourself, there is always an upcoming event for everyone.


Just outside the neighborhood, there are a number of parks for South East Community Association residents to enjoy. Just east of the South East Community Association neighborhood boundaries, Pleasant Park is almost 2.5-acres of land with a playground and small sledding hill. Southeast of the boundaries, Dickinson Buffer Park is considered a mini-park because it is less than one-acre in size. Although it is small, there is enough room for a basketball court, playground, and picnic tables to enjoy an outdoor meal.

On the east side of the neighborhood, there are two historical cemeteries that have been in Grand Rapids for over 100 years. Established in August of 1852, St Andrew’s Cemetery started as a ten-acre plot of land and is known for being the first permanent Catholic cemetery in Grand Rapids. Buried in this cemetery is Louis Campau, one the founders of the city of Grand Rapids. The other major cemetery nearby is the Oak Hill Cemetery which was created in 1853 as a Jewish cemetery. Famous Jewish mayor and Michigan representative Julius Houseman is buried in this cemetery. Also named after this important Michigan man is Houseman Field located in Midtown, just north of Fulton Street.


In the South East Community Association neighborhood, there is a variety of unique restaurants to grab a bite to eat. If you are in the mood for delicious Mexican cuisine, stop by Taqueria Sanjose for an authenticly prepared meal. Opening in 2010, they offer outdoor seating, take-out, and dine in options for their yummy food.

If you are looking for a new cuisine to try, stop by Jamaican Dave’s Restaurant for Carribean style cuisine. Serving both lunch and dinner, you can grab some of their jerk chicken or a vegetarian dish and have one of the Jamaican soda pops to wash it down. Their restaurant has a welcoming staff and keeping with the Jamaican theme is very brightly colored.