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South East End

Most than 4,500 people call the South East End neighborhood home. This large neighborhood has almost 2,000 homes and other great conveniences to offer residents. Cambridge Park is an almost 8-acre area in the neighborhood that has a soccer field and baseball diamond for enjoying outdoor activities. There is also a picnic shelter and tables for enjoying an outdoor meal during the warmer Michigan months.

Just south of Cambridge Park in the South East End neighborhood is Mulick Park which has almost 10-acres of outdoor enjoyment with similar amenities plus a few extra ones. This park is great for year round enjoyment with a sledding hill for winter and a water playground for the warm summer. There is also a picnic shelter and tables if you want to enjoy a meal outdoors after playing all day.

There are also a number of schools in the neighborhood for children to attend. The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School is located in the southeast corner of the neighborhood. This school is faith-based and focuses on providing students with a solid academic curriculum while also offering great athletics for students to participate in. These athletic programs are a great way for students to learn to work in a team environment and teaches them how to work with one another.

Located just around the corner, Sylvan Christian School is another faith-based school that is part of the Grand Rapids Christian school district. Not only do they provide an effective academic curriculum, they also focus on providing students with essentials that help guide them through life after school.


Locally owned and operated in the South East End neighborhood, Gooder Catering is a reliable catering company that can help supply food for your next big event. They have meals that will accommodate anyone, such as vegetarian or vegan meal options that are perfect for any type of occasions like holiday parties or luncheons. With over 20 years of experience, they are sure to accommodate the needs of everyone, even those who have particular dietary needs.

If you are looking for a new cuisine to try, stop by Baba’s Grill Chicken Curry and Fish in the South East End neighborhood. This restaurant features a wide variety of chicken and fish cooked with Indian spices and they have also tried to incorporate American flavors into their food. Make sure to try one of the Mango Lassi or Sweet Lassi drinks with your meal!

Another unique restaurant in the South East End neighborhood is Wing Avenue where you can snack on traditional or boneless wings. With 21 different sauces to choose from, you are sure to leave with happy taste buds and a full stomach. Along with their selections of wings, they also offer seafood, fish, and a variety of sides to add to your order

Harvest Health Foods is located on the southwest side of the South East End neighborhood and they provide wholesome nutritious food to the community. For over 60 years, this establishment has been providing all natural and organic foods to their shoppers. Not only do they provide fresh produce and baked goods, they have a section dedicated to your healthy beauty and body. You can also find a large selection of craft beer and wine in their store.