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West Grand

West Grand is the second largest neighborhood in the Grand Rapids area. There are many great things to do in the West Grand neighborhood with two business districts and plenty of outdoor activities. There are several parks in the neighborhood that let you enjoy outdoor living within the city limits. Richmond Hills Park, Harrison Park, and Sullivan Field are all places that provide residents with a natural setting. With 57-acres of land in the West Grand neighborhood, Richmond Hills Park is an area with cross-country skiing, a baseball diamond, swimming pool, sledding hill, tennis courts, and so many other amenities to offer. Although Harrison Park is only a 5-acre area, there are still numerous activities available like basketball, tennis, and a playground.

Also home to the West Grand neighborhood is the Fish Ladder for the Grand River, which allows fish to migrate. You can visit this Grand Rapids landmark in the Spring and Summer to watch the fish jump the ladder while they migrate up the river. A trip to Fish Ladder Park will not disappoint as you watch the natural phenomenon of fish migrating the rapids of the Grand River.

Another landmark in the West Grand neighborhood is the SS Peter & Paul Church where the bell tower can be recognized from a distance. This beautiful church was created in 1904 by Bishop Henry J. Richter as a place to worship. Still a functioning church to this day, this Roman Catholic church brings in a diverse group of people who all share a religion.

Grab Some Grub in West Grand

Known as Beer City USA, the West Grand area has a few breweries of its own to help earn that title. The Mitten Brewing Company is one of the recent breweries that is part of the Leonard Business District. Founded in 2012, this company is known for microbrews and fabulous pizza. Step inside and catch a glimpse of their vintage baseball themed interior while you sip on some of their delicious microbrewed beer. For another great brewery in the West Grand neighborhood stop by the Stockbridge Business District and visit The Knickerbocker Brewpub and Distillery. Another one of the newest editions to the neighborhood, The Knickerbocker is part of New Holland Brewery. With a wide variety of craft beer and original spirits, there is also a delicious dish to pair with your beverage. Be sure to check out the gift shop before you leave the brewery for some New Holland Brewery attire.

If you are looking for a more relaxing option for food, stop by the Westsider Cafe for a delicious breakfast or lunch. This laid back diner features some of the best breakfast in town and gives you great portion sizes. Try not to hit the snooze button too many times on the weekend, they are only open until 3 pm!

Be sure to stop by these places

Founded in 2015, New Vintage Place is a great venue to host any type of event. Located in the American Seating Park, this banquet hall has a generously sized space that can accommodate a large number of people. Whether the event is a wedding or a work function, the staff of New Vintage Place is sure to make it a special one.

Looking to redecorate or just add a few new pieces of furniture to your home? Stop by Northwestern Home Furnishings for a great selection of furniture pieces. For over 75 years, this family owned business has been home to a large number of unique furniture pieces that would make a great addition to your home. As a small business, the third generation owners understand that customer service is their number one priority.