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Black Hills

Over the years, the Black Hills neighborhood has steadily continued to grow into a quaint welcoming community. With over 350 homes in the neighborhood, there are plenty of great options for your housing needs. Fitting into a 15-square block radius, the Black Hills neighborhood has a great history behind how it got its name.

In the 1900’s, immigrants from all over Europe began to settle the area working the rail yards and local factories. Before the neighborhood was developed into what you see now, the area was full of black walnut trees. People from Chicago would travel hours in their horse and buggy to come and collect the black walnuts from these famous trees. Since there were so many black walnut trees in the community when the neighborhood was formally established they named it after these famous trees.

Grand Rapids is often referred to as the Furniture City and there have been a few furniture companies in the Black Hills neighborhood. Stickley Brother’s Furniture Company built in 1910 was the first of several companies to make furniture in the neighborhood. Closed for good in 1954, this building was later demolished but there are still great photographs and memories in their archives. Constructed in 1915, the Luce Furniture Company built their warehouse location and to this day the building is still in the Black Hills neighborhood. Currently calling the Luce Furniture Company building their home, Bosh’s Reef is a fresh and saltwater fish store that also carries coral for your fish tank.


Located just across the street from the Black Hills neighborhood, Clemente Park is a great area to enjoy the outdoors. Almost 12-acres in size, this park has a soccer field, baseball diamond, and a picnic shelter for enjoying an outdoor meal. Right next to the park is the Clemente skate park open to the public to use as a skateboarding facility.

Only a short distance away from downtown Grand Rapids, the Black Hills neighborhood is close enough for a short drive into town to enjoy the amenities. The neighborhood has a few great amenities of its own like the Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters which is located in the Johnson Furniture Company building which is over 100-years-old. At Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters, they strive to provide a delicious cup of coffee and a relaxing atmosphere for their patrons. Stop by on a Saturday for a lesson in their roasting process and samples of freshly brewed coffee.

Stop by Hunt & Gather in the Black Hills neighborhood to help add a vintage twist to the decor in your home. This shop has a unique blend of vintage items and decor that are sure to add a classic look to your home. Items to hang on your wall, knick-knacks, and furniture are constantly being added to the array of items to shop for.

The Black Eagle Trading Post is a screen printing and design shop that specializes in custom printing on apparel. This particular screen printing shop comes highly recommended among those who have worked with them in the past. Their work speaks for itself when you receive your custom designed order.

Also located just outside the Black Hills neighborhood, the Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC building is part of Grand Rapids Community College. As a part of GRCC, this building is designed to give students who attend an advantage in careers within the manufacturing field at an affordable rate.