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Fulton Heights

Although this neighborhood is small and fits within less than a half mile square radius, Fulton Heights is located in a great part of Grand Rapids. No need to let the small size of this neighborhood fool you, this neighborhood is home to more than 1,000 people. Despite the small size of the neighborhood, there are several places to enjoy the outdoors within the city limits.

Fuller Park is the largest park in the neighborhood and offers great amenities like a baseball diamond, basketball courts, and playground. Connected to Fuller Park, the Hillcrest Dog Park is a great place to take your dog for some exercise. There are two sections that are fenced in, one for smaller dogs to play and the other if for larger dogs to play. Another green space in the Fulton Heights neighborhood is the

Another outdoor space in the Fulton Heights neighborhood is the Hillcrest Community Garden, one of the largest remaining community gardens in the state of Michigan. Keepers of this garden strive to create an organic garden and have a Garden Committee to help monitor the garden.

The Garden Committee which is part of the Fulton Heights neighborhood association is responsible for maintaining the use of the Hillcrest Community Garden. This association also keeps residents of the community informed and help to build lasting relationships in hopes of continuing the positive growth in the community.


The small Fulton Heights neighborhood is packed with a number of great schools for children to attend. Living Stones Academy is a faith-based school that provides a nurturing experience while providing a reliable academics to help students excel in their future.  This school is tucked away in the neighborhood near the famous Hillcrest Community Garden.

Another faith-based school in the Fulton Heights neighborhood is the Temple Emanuel Religious School which is a secondary school for students to attend. Students of all agents are welcome to attend this school and work with one another under a shared faith.

Located just outside of the Fulton Heights neighborhood, Aquinas College is a small college that provides a liberal arts education to students. Although this is a small college, they have excellent athletic teams and provide students with 63 different majors to choose from. This campus is nestled in the woods and provides students with a natural setting while walking to classes.


There are several small businesses in the Fulton Heights neighborhood for the residents to enjoy. Common Ground Coffee Shop uses local Grand Rapids coffee beans as well as coffee beans from Traverse City and Lansing. Not only do they use coffee beans from various parts of Michigan, their prices are budget friendly. In their shop, they offer delicious baked good and sandwiches made from Schnitz Deli and Bakery next door.

Schnitz Deli and Bakery provides patrons with a wide variety of sandwiches and if you do not see what you are looking for, you can order a custom sandwich. Add any of their yummy sides, a brownie, or hot soups to your sandwich and wash it down with a fountain soda. This deli and bakery also offers catering options for your party planning needs.

Not far from these two delicious eateries, stop in at the Grand Rapids Bicycle Company for your bicycling needs. Established in the Grand Rapids area in 2012, this family owned bicycle shop provides shoppers with a knowledgeable and friendly staff to work with.