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What Will Help Sell Your Home?


Repairing simple things in your home will make your home look much more presentable to prospective buyers. Updating, cleaning, or repairing   these simple items will go a long way when listing your home for sale. You can choose to repair only the small things in your home or tackle some of the bigger items. No matter which you choose, you will be sure to see the investment in your home come back when you choose to sell.



Neutral colors are always a safe color palette to choose when repainting your home.  A fresh coat of paint can make a home seem like it is brand new. Make sure to paint small spaces lighter colors to make them feel brighter and more open. If you choose new paint, consider updating window treatments, blinds, and curtain rods too.



Spending a little extra money on flooring will go a long way just like paint. If you have old beat up floors or ripped carpet, consider spending a little money updating these items. Try to choose flooring that is durable and higher quality to see a better return on your investment. Having high quality items in your home is a good sign to potential buyers. 



The exterior of your home is the first thing prospective buyers are going to see when they pull up. Make sure your home has good curb appeal to attract buyers into your home. If they are unhappy with the looks of the exterior, they may not want to enter or might already have a negative opinion about your home. In the summer try to have nice potted plants and in the winter keep walkways cleared for easy access to your home. 



Bathroom are one of the features that people are most likely to look at when they are purchasing a home. A clean, updated bathroom will attract buyer to your home. A squeaky clean bathroom lets potential buyers know you take care of your home. Updating a bathroom is an investment that is well worth the money and will increase the value of your home when you choose to sell. 



Updating light fixtures is a great way to add small upgrades to your home. Removing dated light fixtures and replacing fixtures that don't work will help to keep the new home owners "to do list" short. Make sure to replace any burnt out light bulbs if you have already updated your light fixtures. You want to make sure your home is well lit for showings and open houses. Potential buyers will feel more welcome in a well lit house.



The kitchen is the heart of the home and often times, people want a kitchen that has been updated. This doesn't mean you need to rush out and buy quartz countertops, but having a nice kitchen will attract more potential buyers to your home. Simple updates like paint and new hardware will create the illusion you have updated you kitchen.



PLUmbing, roof, electrical, and heating systems

These big ticket items will most likely be subject to an inspection once your home is under contract with a potential buyer. It is important to make sure you are aware of the condition of these items in your home. If these items have not been well maintained or updated recently, the potential buyer may choose to ask for some repairs or walk away from purchasing your home. Be sure to disclose any problem you are aware of upfront to help avoid an issues down the road. 

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