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What Is A Credit Score?


One of the necessities for to receive a mortgage is a credit score that is high enough for the lender to loan you money. Your credit score will also factor into the specific loan type you receive and what type of interest rate you qualify for. The better your credit score, the better your chance is to qualify for a home mortgage. 

Experian and TransUnion are two reliable places where you can check your credit score, these are also two of the places where your lender will verify your credit score. These two programs monitor your credit over time and report if there are any issues. 





Your lender is going to require personal documentation like your license or passport and social security card. These items will allow your lender to verify you are who you say you are. In addition, this will give your lender the right to verify your credit score and report it back to you. 



Your lender will need to verify your monthly income. They will request documents like W2, tax returns, and forms that prove you receive other income from child support, bonuses, social security, and etc. If you are self employed, you may want to bring a profit/loss statement. 



Documentation for your assets will include bank statements, book information (if you own a business), and documents on other investments like stocks or retirement accounts. If you receive money as a gift, make sure you have a letter to verify it was gift not a loan, your lender will require this. 

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